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Woodlands Trail

​Scouting for K-5th grade

You don't have to look far to see that we have a problem with the young men of our nation.  Whether you are looking at scholastic performance, emotional health, or societal problems, the condition of boys as a whole is not good.

The leadership of Trail Life Troop 619 believes that it is alright to be a boy.  We embrace the differences between boys and girls and honor those differences with a program focused around God's plan for manliness.  

Living Boldly

Living Responsibly

Leading Courageously

Living for the Greater Rewards of God

What We Offer

Wondering what Trail Life USA is all about?


If you’re like most boys, you like excitement, challenges and awards, and fun outdoor activities—and you want to be able to enjoy these things with great friends.


Trail Life USA has all that and more. And it’s a Christian program, which means you will get great character-building experiences and life advice while you’re having fun.


Here’s what you and your friends can do when you join Trail Life USA:

  • Trips and travel

  • Camping

  • Outdoor and wilderness survival skills

  • High adventure

  • Awards

  • Leadership opportunities


Trail Life USA has programs for each age level:


The Woodlands Trail is for Kindergarten through 5th Grade:

  • Foxes – Kindergarten to 1st grade

  • Hawks – 2nd to 3rd grade

  • Mountain Lions – 4th to 5th grade


Navigators is for Junior High – 6th to 8th grade.


Adventurers serves High School ages – 9th to 12th grade.


Whatever your age, you’ll enjoy activities specially designed with you in mind. For example, there are monthly community outings for the younger guys. If you’re in middle school, you’ll become an expert on outdoor skills and enjoy a monthly adventure. High school boys will also focus on high adventure, travel options, and special “Freedom Experiences.”


Ever go to Summer Camp? We call it, “Summer Adventure.” And it’s all about having fun and getting to use the outdoor skills you’ve learned—all alongside your friends from your Troop.


Your parents are going to love it, too. Because along the way you’re going to accomplish the kinds of positive things that parents want to see, like:

  • making great friends in a safe environment

  • developing your leadership skills

  • serving your community

  • building your character


For those who have already earned a lot of awards through Boy Scouts, don’t worry. If you are working on the “Trail to Eagle” you can transfer your badges and awards over to the “Trail to Freedom.”


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