top of page is our program that allows you to make changes in your account, register your son, or look at advancement. If you have locked your account please use the reset button and an email with an updated password will be sent.

High adventure medical release form. 

All events other than meetings require a release form.  This form is good for one year and covers all events less than 72 hours and events that are NOT considered "High Adventure". Please contact your leader for a High Adventure release form.

Same as above but for adults attending events.  The form is for one years worth of activity not including High Adventure and trips over 72 hours.

The Troop Committee Contact buttons is provided in compliance with our Troop Bylaws. Regular contact of your leaders should be through direct email or Trail Life Connect.  Please reserve this contact for use when normal outreach is not sufficient for your needs.

The requirements for Troop TX-619 youth leadership.  Please review and ensure you are eligible for the position you are running for.  If you have any questions please contact Nathan so they can be answered BEFORE you go up for vote.

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